Youth Assembly

On Monday i came home from Youth Assembly which I would possibly say was one of the best experience of my life. I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about it from different people but had made the decision that I wanted to see what it was like for myself. By the time Friday came I was regretting this and was super worried about going. The bus was properly scary as I knew no one and it looked like I was the only one myself which made me wonder if it would be that way all weekend. These thoughts changed as soon as I walked into the hotel. There was such a lovely atmosphere and it was as if I just knew it was going to be ok. Everyone was just so lovely and made me feel totally at ease which was almost overwhelming. It is so nice just to be accepted by people and get to be Holly for a weekend.

I feel like I learned so much this weekend  about God, me and church. I was in an atmosphere where it was ok to ask questions which I would not have felt comfortable to ask anywhere else. For the first time I was told that as a Christian it’s ok to be broken and not to have everything together. Whenever I go to church etc I feel as if I have to be on top of the world and that my relationship with God has to be in tip top condition but this weekend I realized it’s ok to be broken, to feel ming and to be scared.

The speaker Mark Yaconelli was amazing. I felt his talks really hit me and challenged me. For the first while I was determined that it wasn’t going to affect me and I was almost trying to block him out but after awhile I just felt God saying to let my barriers down and wow I’m glad I did. His talks really really   challenged me and I’m not really sure I can say much else about it atm my brain is still processing it all.

I loved my small group they were all so noice. We were all so different yet got on so well. They all listened to what everyone else had to say and provided such a nice atmosphere to be in.
The debates were all really interesting and I learned a lot from all of them. It was grand being given an opportunity to discuss all the issues in our small groups and once again I felt i could be totally honest with the people there. Sharing communion with them on the Monday was pretty special.

I have a feeling I have made some friendships this weekend that will last along time. I felt more accepted this weekend then I ever have done before and I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who helped to provide such an amzing atmosphere. I want to say a huge thanks to Lynsey, Nicola, Nina, Rachel, Kenny, Ross, Hannah, Chris and everyone else who made me realize I had made the right decision in going to YA and that it really wasn’t scary thanks to lovely people like you! Each and everyone of you inspire me and I hope that we keep in touch.

Due to school and having a stupid cold which is making me cough A LOT I still have not caught up on lack of sleep so by this time of night my brain is turning into mush so I appologise if this makes no sense.

Over and Out x


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